• reshmimitra 35w

    We are adroitly cognizant of the Kathua rape case that has transpired freshly in Jammu and Kashmir. The casualty was an eight year old girl Asifa Bano. Since everyone is au courant of the catastrophic bangarang, I won't portray the contingency anew.
    Proximating to the point now, succeeding the bangarang, we have discerned so many brusque utterances by people in succour of rape. How can people favour rape? I have confronted many posts on social media where the so called " men " have stated atrociously that rape is an obligatory act to indoctrinate girls. My question to those rogues is, do you even realise what you are saying? Do you possess any idea of your sleazy psyche? Its absolutely due to slimes like you that women are precarious even within their domiciles. Before jeopardising girls outside your family, just keep in mind that even your own mother and sisters are in the same shoe where you rogues are inclined to haul other girls. Although you so called "men" are not bothered even about your mothers. The theory behind this draconian psychology lies in the faulty upbringing of a child. A child only enunciates that as an adult what is indoctrinated to him in his burgeoning years. We all are adroitly acquainted with this saying " charity begins at home". Indoctrinate your sons right from their elementary , how to respect their mothers and sisters by you yourself setting positive principles at home. Only books and certificates doesn't make a "man". Assaulting women doesn't make a "man". It's really disheartening to glimpse where the so called "men" are heading to. Until and unless you enlighten your psychology, no protests and candle marches are going to work. Till bona-fide laws are implemented against rape by the country, girls will remain vulnerable to rapes every single moment. Its high time to elevate our activities beyond vague protests and candle marches. If we want justice, " REAL JUSTICE" then we have to commence by metamorphosing the psyche of these so called "men" and those parents who think their sons have every right to dictate the society and the girls dwelling in it just because they are "men".....
    So can we now work for justice in real sense?