• neuralnomad 10w

    Two men are sitting at a table playing cards. The table is on the terrace of a building. Each man is drawing and putting cards on the table by turn. They are sitting in east-west orientation facing each other. It is just dawn. The light is still dim and fragmented, drilling holes through the dark setting to reach the earth. A light breeze has been blowing all this time. The cards have remained unhinged so far. Suddenly, it blows a little strongly. The east-face , it being his turn, throws a card on the table. But the breeze causes the card to spin on one of its corners for sometime. As the card spins, its two faces momentarily blur out. The leaves in the trees also dance to this breeze, twisting and turning in curious patterns. As the card finally falls, coming to a dead stop, the leaves follow suit. All goes still, a brief moment of vacuum; the two men are silent, looking at the card with concealed uneasiness. The card has fallen face up, a joker. East-face asks, "It's dawn, shall we have some tea then?",
    " Yes, let's have some", "We've been at it for too long anyway."
    "Yes, it has been a week now."
    "That long eh?",
    " Yes, that long."
    They sit and drink tea together, in absolute silence. After they finish, west-face clears out the cups and resumes his seat. He says, " Well, it has been tiring. I want some rest now. Go on ahead. "
    "Okay then.", east-face replies. He then takes out a gun and shoots west-face through the head. The shot is not heard. The leaves are still. The man's head just tilts back with a slight jolt and stays there. His eyes are wide open, looking up at the partly-woken sky. (TO BE CONTINUED)

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