• ponygirl913 6w

    8 o’clock rings the clock 
    Time for our heads to hit the pillows
    Time to rest our tired eyes
    Time to go on to tomorrow 
    Turn on the radio
    Listen to some music or
    Lay silently while 
    Listening to nature outside our windows 
    Let time tick by as you drift off to sleep

    Or maybe introduce your creativity tonight 
    Maybe play a little game 
    Just you and me
    Me and you 
    A game we can play until we drift off to sleep
    What should we be
    School kids
    We could be anything 
    Maybe we could be singers 
    That go on a camping vacation
    Or princesses that go to a royal school
    Or maybe we can be everyday pirates 
    It’s our imagination it’s up to us completely 
    How will we be falling asleep 
    Who will we become 
    Will I be Jessica the princess 
    Or Rose the singer
    Let’s pretend 
    All these crazy insane fantasies 
    Trapping our brain in an endless swirl of dreams
    Letting our eyes close 
    Drifting off to sleep 
    For tomorrow to arrive