• songermusic 10w

    Behind Enemy Lines

    I know,
    I think it traumatises him when he sees her like that,
    I feel it too coz I've known it for quite awhile now,
    It's all fun and games till someone you love starts being hunted down,
    And caged,
    Till the person can't feel his soul,
    You can hear your breath talking back,
    In too deep everything turns black,
    It gets foul,
    When remembering of a time without,
    Then you swallow the bitter pill,
    To numb the pain down the hill,
    Feeling Claustrophobic in a jammed elevator,
    You're running out of breathable air,
    Feet starts to swell and you get pins and needles,
    Palms sweaty..you feel like someone's crushing you and pushing you in a hand held box,
    Jack in the box,
    You're going to explode,
    The pain starts being sharp intervals synced to your heartbeat,
    I know how it feels,
    I know how it feels coz I'm looking straight at it point blank range,
    I'm filled with rage,
    And worst of all...there's nothing I can do,
    All I can do is stay away from it,