• alto_spade 5w

    During the nights we ran through the alleys, dodging every stranger on the way. Sneaking into a nightclub as an escape from the voices ringing in our heads. We hold hands, caressing our lifelines that don't run long.The live music is playing quite loud in the background. Drunk dancers swaying on their toes through the tipsy night. One too many shots of grey goose down your throat dug thunder from the pit of your stomach. You are a soul that knows pain, deep enough to ignite another. The songs sound like they were written for you. A striking blow on my nape shoved me on a stage with the world's eyes glued on me. You were right there in the front row, cheering and mouthing unscripted tales. I stood there motionless with no ounce of breath enough to utter a word. It felt like the universe came crumbling down and I was in the middle of a burning hell. And you were staring, with the same glint in your eye that broke the world I knew. Everyone and everything faded, I was never too far away from you. The limits I went and the oceans I swam were nothing to you, call it grunt work but it went in vain. You became my worst fear and looking into your eyes burned my very own. May it be in a bar, on a stage, near the shore, atop of a mountain or right now in front of my mirror, you were never beside but in me. What I wanted of me is the reflection of what I could never be on the outside and it was mocking my pulse. What I held and feared will always be lingering in my chest digging a hole to bury whimsical empty memories. The uneasiness proved to me of how I was uncomfortable in my own body and the seconds clock sounded like a ticking bomb. I do nothing but wait.

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    Ticking clock