• sebriety 9w


    In a world so sombre and fugue,
    Any wonder we seek refuge,
    In our dreams and our hopes,
    Simply the pills and the ropes,

    I avoid trickery in one simple way,
    Let the burning engulf me each and every day,
    Fill with anger and vitriol, become someone new,
    Knowing i may lose the comfort but i will make it through,

    Thats what time does, it makes you hard,
    It melts away the softness, leaves you scarred,
    So you learn to get used to this thick new skin,
    You learn to accept never losing each time you win,

    But bleed you still do from the brain and heart,
    The two working together once, now torn apart,
    The sun rises on a day you weren’t ready to say goodbye to,
    Is it any wonder you scream and punch walls too?,

    Now we are monsters, we are beasts acting on instinct,
    Our hatred for one another in the only way we’re linked,
    I want to break that pattern, be the jigsaw piece you can never find,
    The power of that hug, the one that blows my fucking mind