• unorthodox2112 6w

    Letter to future

    How strange is the world
    How strange is the life we live in
    Never have i thought
    Never have i dreamt
    That a moment like this would exist

    Shooting stars
    Thumping hearts
    Crying eyes
    Smiling faces

    Yet all these emotions exist in the same time as i talk to you
    I wish i could kiss you
    I wish i could tell you my darkness
    I wish i could lay in your arms
    And tell you that life is some times not fair

    But ill keep it to my self because nobody likes a realist and a soft guy

    I could stare at you for ever
    And say nothing but tuck your hair behind your ear
    And hug you and tell you how much I like you

    But all this is just a dream
    As i know there no one i can say and do all this
    For now ill dream of nothing and just fade away