• blues_blue 6w

    XXXX: Rainy Summer Afternoon

    It was rainy summer afternoon when we steal a kiss behind a maiden's back -
    Remember, sorry meant to be said at the end,
    those gentle lips that devour mine,
    sorry is not for me nor for those kisses

    We laughed, talk and cuddled on a rainy summer afternoon, the cold freezes no more
    and yes, your warmth became a home
    we felt loved and never a guilt
    we smile as our eyes met -
    urging our lips to behave

    Then, hides those longingness
    yet, this rainy summer afternoon bombarded
    whatever barriers we built to ignore
    "the flame could no longer endure," I thought
    we're like Pyramus and Thisbe,
    for love, we plead guilty
    then, at last, we give in
    slowly, our eyes met
    slowly, a little closer, we set
    as I closed these eyes, your lips began to wander mine
    owning it as if it'll be our last, who knows?
    our breathing and these beatings began to run fast -
    'cause we stole a kiss behind a maiden's back

    For a moment you stop -
    caressing this lovely face you always "love"
    I throw an unknowing glance
    again, you devour mine
    it's neither this lips nor my body
    rather it's my soul and my love, you're trying to own -

    oh! how sweet those kisses
    how genuine those caresses
    how, lovingly, our eyes met
    if both our hearts become one

    I said, we stole a kiss behind a maiden's back but if it's love we shared, then, imprison me in those loving kisses -
    I, then, plead guilty for eternity.