• ravenbloodrosenight 22w

    Report #1 - Emma Greaves: suicide case(?) 05022138

    A few years ago, Emma Greaves was reported to have committed suicide.

    We investigated the case thoroughly, but for some reason or another, it seemed that she had somehow wiped away any trace of her existence. The fact that she had once been alive was only proven through the photos shown to us by her boyfriend and family; otherwise, most would have doubted she even existed.

    We received a report a few days ago regarding her case. A man told us to reinvestigate it.

    My team has been assigned to investigate the case. However, it seems that Detective Watson wishes to investigate as well.

    There are several users online who have claimed to allegedly see a person they are sure is called Emma Greaves wandering about the streets, happy and alive. However, this has yet to be confirmed.

    Who is Emma Greaves? Did she really die? Did she fake her death? Or perhaps people are mistaking this possible doppelganger for Emma Greaves?

    — May 2, 2138
    — 16:54:88
    — Elle Raymond