• droneking 6w

    Will I??

    I let you in after you broke down the

    wall I had up telling me your fed up

    tired of this and that but never trying

    to fix it just complain making harder

    rain both of us on the brink of going

    insane from all this fresh pain,

    things left unsaid saying too much

    at times it's like when we connect

    we connect but when we don't it's

    nothing but lies leaving the lips and

    desire floating away cuz moments

    are quickly gone with the wind now

    I'm forever chasing the wind trying

    to go back to the first kiss first hug I

    miss first I love you first laugh first

    everything nothing but shooting

    stars when I'm staring off in space

    this broken hearted clown must be

    bad cuz the good die young no air in

    my lungs cuz my breath of fresh air

    walked away with no warning now

    back to square one all by myself

    number one but feeling nothing like

    the one praying to the sky will I ever

    find the one