• writerish 10w

    Did she make a mistake?
    Did she hurt his?
    Will karma hit her back after this act?
    Will she able to sleep In night?? There are so many Questions revolving around, but let's take a moment & think what made her to move on from the boy she has always dreamed to live forever, the boy whom she still loves, what made her to take this step??
    It was never hit the choice to take such strong decision but her Inner soul is tired of getting hurted, she was tired of being ingored, she was tired from disappointment, she was tired from Lies...
    If someone is love uh with his full of your heart, what is the need to hurt them back? Its okh if uh don't love them but never try to play with the emotions which they keep only for uh.. Uh never knew what efforts they made for uh to bring a smile on ur face.if uh don't care for their smile than never be the reason behind their tears, its okh if uh love someone else, feel for someone else, but also appreciate the on who was there for uh in your bad time instead of treating them nothing. You may have shattered his dreams many times but she forget everything just becoz she wanted to be there with uh when the
    World was trying to bring uh down, she doesnot need to be anything but she did everything..
    Was it her mistake to love uh or is it your mistake to treat her like nothing?
    Was it her mistake to trust uh blindly or it was your mistake to give her betrayals & fake promise? If someone can love uh then they can also hate uh.. She didn't know she has done right or wrong but finally she made his decision.. She has forgotten uh every bitter mistakes but she know the all mighty won't sorry for always love uh.. Have a great life ahead & yes finally uh murdered my love for uh..

    With no hopes, your permanent option & ignored lover ��

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