• me_the_unpredictable 51w


    When you're wounded but you choose not to stop.
    Never stop.

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    Wounds and cuts .
    Until they're repaired, they're vulnerable .
    Once they're gone , you become good as you were before.

    Wounds and tears .
    Fresh wounds constantly pesters you to cry in pain.
    Cry in exhaustion.
    Cry for memories.

    Once they're repaired , dear , your tears dry off.

    Wounds and screams .
    They'll haunt you.
    Your throat will go dry.
    You'll not speak and keep it to yourself.

    But once it's repaired , no one will be able to stop you to speak your mind.
    No one.
    Not even you, yourself.

    Wounds and souls.
    Wounds will leave marks.
    For sure.
    Your soul will be your constant reminder to fight.
    For yourself.
    For that soul , who bears everything for you.

    Never let the pain lead you down.