• a_s_hm_i_t 30w

    Fathomless love

    Everytime you decorate the rhythm of your smile,
    I just take a leap to glance at you at least for a while.
    Nought have you fallen into my life,
    Throughout the day I spend the time having the pearl of adorence in my heart that utters just three words - "I love you".
    You made me perspect that the sky was not blue but red.

    And after a 12 or no , you would tell me you do love me too.
    Till then I will lay alone on the cruffy beaches in the want of you.
    For often when my existence get detached from authenticity , the desire of love still remains alive.
    Sometimes life dies but love lies.
    But it's all about my heart that cry.
    On dusky summer & forlorn winter days.
    I wish we'd hold our hands and go to the bays.