• waniadil 46w

    Don't felt them You have their need

    If you really know the clear situation what's happening with you prepare your subconscious in such a way that they would know he is able to stay without them as well. If they don't care, let them flow in a river of hatred give up talking to them for some while and examine the situation what's happening, if they were to talk to you let their requests as such because its not the time to demoralize again and ruining our self esteem. If you respond them normally, you are successful person then because people doesn't need much respect if you gonna show high respect to them ultimately you will be ignored much. Don't touch the depth in their embrace because they are at verge to leave and you are gonna hurt yourself if you did that. If they want to talk then talk to them, if they don't want don't insist them to talk, it can be hazardous at the end.