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    Once in a blue moon..��
    I met him under the sky,,��

    The stars were shining..��
    But his eyes were more glittering,,��

    We were doing a lot of talking..��
    But his eyes were more mesmerizing,,��

    ��*Silence was the feeling of Love in that beautiful night.*��

    Though he was on the other side..��
    Yet I can feel him close to my side,,��

    He desired to hug me tight..��
    & I wanted to hold him light,,��

    He desired to kiss me hardly..��
    & I wanted to confess my love loudly,,��

    Then what I saw, It broked me somehow..��
    He was broken into tears & I hate his tears,,��

    And I was feeling so helpless that I cant tell..��
    Then I decided to make him feel special,,��

    I bend on my eyes imagining him..��
    & also confessed my love for him,,��

    And after that his eyes started shining..��
    At the same time I started blushing,,��

    ��&" Then happy Tears started flowing from my eyes."��

    There our beautiful day ended,, ��
    In each others arms.��



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