• dormilones 5w


    Two souls indwelled into one
    Destined together to be through
    The mourns and the horns
    Perish the agony and surpass the fumes
    Eternal was the flames of love
    Bitter the truth its a chaos
    Numb and still,holding my heart
    Aching and drenching deep in pain
    You left like a thuderstorm
    Destructing all the bliss
    Waking up the mysogynist
    Who never were ready to drip
    You took away the ray that once was there
    Leaving a void that none could spare
    Thanks for the wounds and marks you gave
    Being the cupid that struck my heart
    Hypocrisy was at its peak
    Once you lifted my hope of warmth
    Then you iced with a lovable lullaby
    Fell asleep into your arms
    Believing that this time it was eternal for sure
    Again you stabbed me right at my heart
    Grabbed other hand and walked with pride
    My heart bled,eyes drooled...
    Sorry my love,you lost me for sure
    Pride shall topple,eternity will tumble
    Then the mysogynist will laugh
    While you may weep...