• adythi 5w

    She is an extrovert but introvert of emotions. He was nerdy writer. They met through common friend in a icecream parlor and he felt strange about her. they both always agreed on same thing and soon thier Friendship grew to love. Little did she know his love for her was poison. She never got herself attached to anything or anyone until that point when he made her feel special. She fell in love with him , his writing, his words his everything.. she got herself emotionally attached to him. He was her weakness. He was her world.. she was ready to go against the world for him.. she was ready to let go of everything that mattered to her a lot. Transformation that she underwent to be with him did not matter to him at all. He underwent different transformation. She accepted his inner demon as hers own. Even when he was not famous she was his inspiration and motivation. His writing got better. he always said his journey with her is gonna be the book (7 promises) that he will write . When people asked why so specific of number 7, his answer was simple, it implies number of letters in both their names were 7. she never thought she is just gonna be a chapter in his book like other chapter. He broke up with her abusing her with words she would be hurt most.. she was termed as "emotionless stone hearted person".. he taught her love, gave her hope, promised and gained her trust and was the one to break her heart. Post breakup she became the person she hated the most! What happened between them that made him to break up with her? What happened later? What did she do? Story to be continued...

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    Love fades not her memories