• prof_ripper 22w

    Have you ever loved someone so bad
    That even when they're hurting you
    You just can't stop loving them
    And you've tried but it just doesn't happen
    You've learnt to live with the pain
    Because you feel that
    No matter how hard it's hurting
    You can't let go
    Because letting go would hurt more
    That's why they say love is blind
    You really can't see beyond loving that person
    And maybe if you tried harder
    You would realise
    You're better off alone
    Than with someone who hurts you consistently
    Do you understand what freedom means
    When you see a bird that's been in a cage
    All it's life
    You're only looking at it's limitations
    That bird can't understand a life beyond that cage
    But the moment its released
    It may take a while but it will definitely adjust
    You're never lucky to have someone love you
    You deserve to be loved in every way possible
    Don't let anyone make you believe
    You don't have a life beyond them
    More importantly
    Don't convince yourself
    You're not strong enough to let go