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    Sweet Facebook mistake (part 7)

    My elopement

    I didn't even sleep,
    The last night.
    Was afraid,
    Of missing the dark morning.
    Got myself ready,
    Very secretly,
    Without letting bro know.
    He was in deep sleep.
    Mom woke up.
    Fed me like she did,
    Early in the morning,
    While I got ready for school.
    I was getting a feeling-
    Of Indian *bidayi ritual.
    *Bidayi ritual is the last ritual of marriage in India, when the newly wedded bride, leaves her house and goes to her husband's house crying.
    Moms feelings were so genuine:
    "Did he call ?"
    "Where has he reached ?"
    He was coming all the way from Mumbai to take me with him.
    "Will he surely come to take you ?"
    "You are sure, there won't be any cons right ?"
    I assured mom saying,
    "Chill mom, I trust him."
    "He will surely come and he loves me a lot ."
    The darkness of the morning started fading slowly.
    It was time for me to step out now,
    Before anyone arised.
    Went near to the wall,
    Where dad's frame was embedded.
    Prayed to him.
    "Dad, I am gonna start a new life,
    A new road I am gonna walk,
    A new journey I am gonna experience.
    Please be with me."
    "Bye !"
    I bid a bye to-
    The sleeping handsome-
    Hugged mom tightly for 1 min.
    Tears rolling down my cheeks.
    I stepped out.
    Mom walked a distance with me,
    Just for my security.
    There was a little light now.
    "I am returning." Mom said.
    "Call if there's any problem."
    I just shook my head agreeing to her .
    She walked away.
    Slowly she disappeared.
    And I too walked towards-
    The railway station.
    I was feeling,
    So lonely.
    Don't know why.
    I was not sure at all,
    I was happy or sad.
    Reached the platform.
    Sat down on the cool marvel bench.
    And waited for his train to arrive my sight.
    Train got delayed.
    I had to wait more.
    Finally he called.
    "Are you there ?"
    "I am in a blue shirt ."
    "Yes, I am waiting for you."
    "Black jeans, and a flowery loose top."
    "I am standing."
    "Yeah, I can see you."
    "Turn around ."
    And he was there.
    So handsome he looked,
    In those set of clothes.
    His face clearly described,
    His happiness.
    He kissed my forehead,
    And we hugged.

    To be continued....stay tuned.....