• abhishek_y7 5w


    Sometimes, I want to speak all the unspoken things. I want to share all my problems, all my thoughts. I want to tell you that how i feel, how i survive. How i survived, i want you to feel me that how i cried how i tried when you left me. I want to tell you that why i was begging, even when i didn't made any mistake by being true being loyal. I want to tell you that why you did all the things with me which i never ever dreamed even, i want to ask that why you punished me why you abused me even when i was begging. I want to ask you, why you came in my life, why you made promises with me even when you were already with someone else. Which I got to know after years, why you did. Why you played, after all that still i want to whisper that i can forget all my bad days, i can smile for you i can hold you with same passion. I want to tell you that how it feels to being broken, being silent being alone. I want to tell you how it feels to carry burden of so many unspoken things, i want to tell you that I'm dying, I'm unable to carry this burden within myself, i want to tell you that i want to live.

    Then i realise, you're happy without me. You left me, because you didn't wanted to stay, you cheated on me because you wanted to cheat.