• london_sky 5w

    〽Goodbye Letter〽

    When the time comes I want to use this as my goodbye letter.
    Doesn't matter what I say, only matters what I do.
    Please let the flowers bloom, don't erase the gloom.
    Just grow the mountain and chop down the ladders,
    "I am here that is all that matters."
    An angel dropped down before the trumpet sounds.
    The black horse whisked me away to a place I no longer stay
    What does it matter anyway?
    I am just gonna lie here and decay.
    Feel the sword sinking into my face, as everything around us goes out of pace.
    I really just want out of this place, to be replaced.
    I am sick and tired of being outnumbered in my own picture.
    A war keeps going on and on, and I am doing nothing other than writing songs.
    My mind's playing games with the bluebird gone.
    No where to turn, no where to run
    As the raven flies by and leaves my note to die.
    Not meant to cry, just listen to the wind and you'll find your voice again
    Just let me fly, I was born to do it so please don't cry.
    Let the flowers bloom and don't hide the gloom.
    Just let it rain, let me decay
    I don't want to stay.
    Let my heart wither in the sun under the angel's gun.
    Please just let me lie and rest, under this ocean I am doing my best.

    No voice to be heard just drown me out with sound of birds.
    Let the black stallion take my soul to a happier place, where I can finally appreciate my face.
    The mirror within me hiding the glee.
    Please, release me.
    My wings are aching and pulling me to stay, but my soul yearns to leave anyway.

    This is a goodbye letter for when I'm too far gone, and you can't save the day.
    Just please don't go around saying I was not okay, when you're the one who pushed me away.
    Lets erase that semicolon of this page.