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    People talk about holding on.
    But you can't hold on when it's time to leave forever.
    It's an undefined phase of time.
    It's the most unpredictable of things.
    It isn't time that heals.
    Time just passes by and brings new sorrows.
    But as we encounter newer sorrows, the old ones get buried until they are forgotten.
    We heal ourselves.
    But, do we forget?
    Maybe we don't. Maybe, because sometimes pain gives contentment. It is in a way, a process of reflecting upon ourselves.
    Remember, it's our brain that distinguishes betwixt sad and happy.
    So, if we wished, we could be happy all the time.
    But it's nature's rule, to balance everything.
    Spring comes and autumn too.
    But, autumn isn't sad for all and spring isn't happy for all.
    So, time is just a part of healing.
    But now, you'd ask me, how long does it take to heal?
    I might not know.
    Because the answer might be forever, and as I said, forever is undefined.

    There are people in love and people not in love. It's not the stereotypical love everyone assumes it to be. It's the love for anyone with whom, on some fine day, you've exchanged heartfelt conversations and emotions.
    But then, they pack up. A bulky bag on their shoulders, which carries secrets, not just ours, but theirs, untold. And they leave. It is 'mostly' unfortunate.
    But nevertheless, goodbyes hurt.
    And goodbyes linger in old letters and moonless nights. They invade our sleep like nightmares and we cling onto them like a drug addict clings onto drugs. Human nature, that is. We find hard to except, what isn't our choice.
    But goodbyes, are a part of our lives, they go and never come.
    And yet, how long does it take to recover from goodbyes?
    Or do we ever even recover?
    (-_-) yeah, now I'm a philosopher. But do answer if possible..
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