• navoneil 23w

    Breaking Rain

    I surrender
    Like drops of rain
    Hanging from the ends
    Of serrated leaves and metal awnings.

    Like the poem whose first line has been written
    In indelible ink,
    The rest of me must follow,
    Pulled by the gravity of an unforgiving core
    Thirsting to be whole.

    I teteer at the edge.
    The whole of me under the weight of me
    Gathers under a tiny pinpoint
    Struggling to not let go.
    Who knew there lies such strength
    In touch refusing to yield?

    I look up,
    Wanting to see the sky I loved so much
    For one last time.

    The canvas I knew to be blue
    Is covered in green and metal,
    Each heavy with drops of anguish,
    Anger, and disappointment
    Jostling for space on the edges of arms
    At great distances
    From concrete safe houses and comforting trunks of trees,
    Each held by a tiny pinpoint of liquid adhesive
    Like sweaty surface tension.

    I stretch to meet
    The touch that allows me to see
    The truth of
    Skies between leaves,
    And other waters that hang like me.
    Who knew there lies such freedom
    In caress refusing to leave?

    Somewhere between holding on
    And letting go,
    I surrender.