• differentmilkshakevoid__ 45w


    This show taught me that "real world sucks", taught me to laugh at myself and run around the park with your arms flying because thats the only way its fun, taught me that it is always worth giving up something you love the most for your best friend, taught me that no matter what everyone is wonderfully weird in their own ways, taught me it is normal to be a single parent , adoptive or even a surrogate, taught me that life is all about giving and taking and sharing and receiving, taught me that there is a chan chan man or a harmonica for everyone, taught me that to be a good actor one has to spit on another's face, taught me to stand up to my beliefs no matter what. I could still go on (': Princess consuela bananahammock thank you for teaching me that weird is the new chick.
    Mental Geller thank you for the unagi lessons you gave us .
    Raquel thank you for being the hat admist everyone telling you that "you are a shoe"
    Chauncey thank you for making us wonder why donald duck wears a towel when he comes out of the bath.
    Monican thank you for knowing that chandler was likely to take a wife and for always being the hostess
    Lastly chick, thank you for just being you. Being Chandler's J-man , swallowing your feelings towards Rachel for Ross, getting fired as a waiter just so monica could show who was the boss, giving up meat for pheobe , being Ross's best nap he ever had.