• jeninraj 5w


    Journalism: This word was coined into my life by my lecturer Dr. Gopu Kumar. It was even more beautified by Dr. Sri Hari and my HoD & Guide, Dr. Thomas Eapen and Dr. Nanda Kumar.

    When I came to ST PAULS, I had a dream of making this Institution into a world renowned one. With the blessing of my parents I kept my foot ahead.

    Once I joined, In order to make the courses possible and for a college to exist, lot of sleepless nights, sleepless long drives, sleepless preparation and a lot of sacrifice by many of them were done to make a day happen.
    It did happen on 11 July 2016.

    However 11 September 2019 marks a big accomplishment in my life. It is about my dream to start Post Graduation in Mass Communication and Journalism to create the best Journalist and Media students from our country. It was just a small talk with my then Principal Fr. Prithivi Raj Philip and Fr. Arockia Swamy, I knew it was too early to apply for a PG course. Then when Fr. Plavendran was the Principal, I again pushed my dream to him, again I knew it was too early, however we went on to apply with risk. But from all odds, the university approved the same. Its my privilege to be part of this wonderful Institution which gave me the confidence to move ahead boldly trusting me and making me work hard. With the presence of Fr. Thomas and with his constant support and encouragement, we have launched PG in Mass Communication and Journalism.

    I am not trying to build an empire. I was willing to give up or forego a big position from the best Institution in the city few years ago. Then I dint realise God would make my dream possible in his plan. But today with no regrets from my past, I believe God has chosen his children to glorify his kingdom.

    One of the great parts of being an lecturer is the chance to enlighten young minds by sharing your knowledge and passion with students. But what if you are passionate and knowledgeable about a discipline that isn’t covered adequately at your university or isn’t covered at all. This is were my existence simply comes to play.

    Sometimes we need to give up one thing in order to gain another.

    I sincerely Thank all of them who have been part of my journey and for all of them who are continuing to sail through. Without the Fathers from ST PAULS college, Bengaluru, this History wouldn't have been coined.

    Thank you.