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    Me:How was your day?

    Flounder Grouchy:I don't know.It was confusing.I did get some work done.But nowadays i am not doing my best.I am lacking concentration.I am not able to focus.

    Me:Ohh!This seems to be a little problematic.How about you try to be less distracted from tomorrow?
    Use the distracting apps only once but for a considerable period of time at your unproductive hours .So you see you'll be saving the time you waste at your productive hours.Just one day at a time.But consistent efforts.

    Flounder Grouchy:This seem fine but I also keep getting tempted and then get distracted anyways.

    Me: Tomorrow just be a little strict on yourself and don't give in to distractions so easily.I hope you do better than today.

    Flounder Grouchy:Also I need to cut down my sugar intake.

    Me:Yes we'll definitely try.It was a good day.We had some good laughs.The lunch was so wholesome and delicious.Also we helped someone today.We'll try to be more mindful from now.Have a good sleep and be grateful.

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    How was your day?

    A conversation with my alternate ego.
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