• no_existence 4w

    We all figure out
    What we want
    Out of something,
    Make a fantasy world of our own
    Which we even expect it to become real.

    I have it too.

    Right now all I had ever imagined,
    Be it
    Or everything around actually
    Looks unclear.
    Like I never knew why was I here in the first place.

    It's like those phases in life probably,
    Where we see everything falling apart.
    Imagination is not Reality.
    Happiness is not even secondary in this space,
    Then how am I supposed to get out?
    It's just a materialistic world out there,
    And I don't even know if I want to do anything with it.
    The fantasies will remain fantasies.
    The reality is something not acceptable.
    Survival is difficult.

    I'm still walking around the places,
    Finding my space.
    If only it exists.
    Even if I had planned or imagined things in a certain way,
    I know that out there it's all uncertain.
    It's just one of those times
    Where everything looks blurry,
    And I'm still finding my way out.

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