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    Once upon a time, there was a place in the universe called Earth. This place was unique. It had air, water, trees , etc. It had very few people and lots of animals with lots of trees. Everything was going well and fine but it was for some time only.

    Slowly slowly everything started changing. The number of people increased and the number of trees decreased. It went on and on.

    And today that same unique earth seems to be in a big problem. The number of people are increasing and the number of trees and space is decreasing.
    Today's government is coming with many initiatives to control population but it is in pen and paper only. No one is following it. Time is there now. We can change ourselves. Or else a time will come when even if we change there will be no good of it.

    The spontaneous increase in population can be stopped only if we will become conscious.

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    One day earth will
    fall short of space.
    And there will be no
    place left for us to live.
    Isn't it a bit dangerous ??