• wardi_ 6w

    A black Valentine

    It was a Valentine day, a day for lovers and it was my lover's day the day he was born. I was a good artist I owned a studio of my own, I decided to surprise him so I invited him over to my studio, a big painting on my canvas covered with a red cloth, birthday and Valentine's cake, wine and so much more including a proposal ring, weird I know but I've been with him for seven years and he wasn't going to propose, so I wanted to I'm a woman and I had limited time. My phone rang it was him, he was at the door I was so happy words can't express but I have every memory of that day. He came in looking so nice in his outfit I was crushing all over, I revealed the painting and it was him, he expressed his happiness though beneath what I was expecting. With a shaky voice he said he has been wanting to do this for the past nine months he didn't just have the balls to, my heart was jumping then I said yes thinking it was a proposal. A lady batched in and was asking why telling me he had a fiancee heavily pregnant was taking to long, I understood what she said though it sounded like French, he attested to it and they both used the door, I was broken I cried like I lost a child he left with my talent of painting he was the last on my canvas. After three days there was a fire outbreak and my studio got burnt. My hands do not know painting any more, whenever I took a canvas it was filled with my tears and memories of a black Valentine