• blaze_the_poet 6w


    The so called "President" is just acting
    like an annoying spoiled little brat
    whining and crying about everything
    never satisfied with this or that.

    He is a bully who has no shame
    and he has no respect for anyone.
    He won't admit wrong doing but he'll blame
    anybody else for what he has done.

    He is the most cruel racist dictator
    who is at war against immigration
    and he is a ruthless perpetrator.
    He doesn't care about our great nation.

    He sucks taxpayer money like a leech
    and he addresses the nation with lies.
    Congress has many reasons to impeach
    but the truth falls on deaf ears and blind eyes.

    He is like the anti-Christ in disguise
    commiting crimes against humanity.
    No matter how many laws he defies,
    Trump runs the nation with impunity.

    We can't allow him the satisfaction
    of destroying our frail economy.
    We must work together to take action
    to impeach and imprison the enemy.

    Let's fight to make our nation great again.
    If not, he will eventually stump
    the whole country into oblivion.
    We can't let that happen so let's dump Trump!

    Let's dump that chump DonTrump!
    Dump that chump!
    Dump that chump!

    By: BLAZE

    I finished writing this piece around 2 a. m. today. It started as a poem but I think it might turn into a song. What do you think?