• heavymetalkiss 6w

    Just a vent

    Everybody's so fake now..
    Fake faces, fake bodies, fake attitudes. Nobody really takes the time to really really love themselves for who they are. So where does all this fakeness take you? Whos going to ever see the real YOU when you hide behind that mask? How will you ever discover you trying to please everyone but you? In a relationship what you love to listen to, what you see as beautiful, how you feel. If you can't be open with who you are then how can people see you? Its called a relationship for a reason, because you can relate through this friendship. It feels WONDERFUL to have
    Someone who actually takes the time to know you, someone who listens to your likes & dislikes & knows how to treat you with respect. Thats love! Not to mention making love all ppl do nowadays is have hard core raw sex. Which is a dime a dozen if you ask me. But making love is something that many can't do. Because it takes passion & foreplay that makes you quiver because it's deeply personal and eye to eye contact. But enough about romance i just dont understand how nowadays noone gets to know eachother before having children. You might trap a guy for a little while but if he didn't respect you from the start? And only looked at your appearance? He will leave you for appearance so much growing up to do. But then these babies grow up confused witnessing many failed relationships. I say, if you don't love yourself first you can't allow someone else to love you the way you deserve.
    I dont see how ppl have to have relationships anyway because being single is AWESOME!! You get to do what you want, you only have to worry about you, & this is where it gets good. If you love to paint? paint! If you want to write poetry? Write! if you love to sing? Sing! If you love to travel to beautiful places? Travel! LOVE YOU! Im just venting because I'm tired of seeing nothing but fakeness if you're going to ride together unlock the beautiful soul within.