• labhshashank 30w

    15 May 2018 #labhshashank

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    Secret's secret

    Hush me it did! For it had a secret to share.
    'Haha! You do not know to whom you sell these wares.'

    "Can you keep a secret?", it asked.
    "But of course my Dear!", I barked.

    It told me a story in pain.
    I let go of this glory in vain.

    Today it found me again, all smiles!
    "I'd known what you did, all the while.

    You are now under my spell!
    For no more secrets within you, shall now dwell."

    'Hey, I have a secret to share.' I hear.
    'Could it have been a dream?' I dare. 'Or is it déjà vu, like I fear?'