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    Dekha hazaro dafa aapko, fir bekarari aisii hai, sambhalte sambhalta nahi yeh dil, kuch pyar mein baat aisi haii...

    My guitar and my heart was always singing the tunes of love after they met you. Dancing in the beats, and never missing a single chord, I played so perfectly, which I never did before. Afterall it was for her, it was to be perfect like her. My heart was beating like *dhak-dhak* *dhak-dhak*. Whenever I saw her, my eyes, were left open, as if I've seen something which never existed before, well, I saw. There's no one like her, the unique, and yet, The Best.Ofcourse, our love had something, that, even if I have seen her for thousands of time, my heart bickers and jumps whenever, I see her, as if, It's for the first time, I've seen her.

    Well, it wasn’t really Romeo Juliet, our love was more like Bollywood's romantic and filmy flims. If She'd be my Kajal, I'd definately be her Shahrukh Khan. It's been years but still my heart dances and my hand plays "dekha hazaro dafa aapko" and she sings and blushes and her blushing makes me blush, afterall She's my kajal, and I'm her Shahrukh. Right?

    Still I never miss a single chord, whenever I play guitar for her and she sings for me! And damn! We're getting older, but her voice is next to listening to heaven's birds singing. Yeah, that's all I wanted, to grow old together and increase our love little by little, and day by day. Even my worst days were cured by her smile, by her insane laugh when I used to be mad at her. Her face never lets me stay angry on her, afterall she knows my anger shows my love. We still give each other sunflowers, well not a rose, but She's a sunflower, bright and happy. She is immature, I am insane, well, there wasn’t and Isn't any need for maturity in our love, because we understand eachother and that was terribly enough.

    To be honest, from the very first day I fell in love with her, though I fall for her everyday, we never promised each other about all these forevers and all, but indeed we lived our moments, with happiness and butterflies in our stomach, still at this age, the butterflies are alive and are flying inside my stomach and It'll until the rest of my life and in next birth. And, this time, for the first time, I'm promising, even if We’re taking our last breath, we'll sing together for the thousand times but not the last time.


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    Dekha hazaro dafa aapko, fir bekarari aisii hai, sambhalte sambhalta nahi yeh dil, kuch pyar mein baat aisi haii...