• shymanoohu_ 6w

    Resurrection through blue glitz

    Within the heaps of dusky cracks
    an aromatic blue lamp sparkled
    with all it's glory and binding love...

    The icy heart melted to yield
    for that wide pumping heart..
    And like a mama bird it showered me
    with warming fondness....

    Thousand crumpled parts
    were mounted once and forever
    by the devine everlasting conjure !

    Overwhelming ocean behind
    those brown pupil narrated
    the hearten tales with amity
    to embolden the true her in me...

    Untold telepathy bond wrap us along!
    I renounced the fruitless soul
    to the right palms who made it propitious

    The naked eyes of mine solemnly witness
    the blue lamp sneer intern and
    drag out the while budding potential.....