• ink_and_solitude 6w

    I know

    I know
    The poison that rots your senses
    Whispering lies to keep you quiet
    Screaming in the dark
    Nails etching the floor
    I know
    What you overthink so much
    Fireworks searing the membranes
    Ghosts, so many of them
    Infecting your moments of peace
    I know
    They're all better than you
    You're the worst
    They'll win the batshit race
    You'll die for being different
    I know
    Gutters of rats and clowns
    Bloodshot eyes and gnashing teeth
    Appearing in your nightmares
    Paralysing, as you convulse
    I know
    You want to run away
    Far away in the mountains
    Echoing with ceremonies of shamans
    Drifting in the drugs
    Blurred in smoke and visions
    But they're not done yet
    They're not done chewing your meat
    They own you
    Your emotions and feelings and thoughts and dreams
    You'll die a hunchback
    Soaked in diseased venom
    Eyes clawed out
    Fingernails broken and bloody
    Mouth full of insects and rotten spit
    Scarred skin and squirmy body
    They'll let you go now
    You coward
    You never said anything
    You lost the war
    I know