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    The tears underneath my pillow was the loudest that you couldn't hear & I couldn't scream more.

    Life will once turn back to you to give you a second chance, with every possible thing that you have but still leave you with possible thing you had.

    Its not about whom you love, or whom you care about.
    Its about how you love & how you care about that person.
    Coz whom will only stay till a certain radius but how will spread throughout the world through the words.

    Magical moment happens, your stomach all of sudden feels sort of flying butterflies & your eyes become widely open for a person whom you're looking for, your smiles gets broader when you receive a text from that person but you know when the moon arrives & when the sun has to settle downs, even your butterflies settles down coz it knows your eyes has to take over the body when the moon arrives underneath your pillow & sheets!

    Covering the loudest pain & facing the deadly nightmares.
    Trying to kill yourself, you started & try to live, live in such a way that no one ever thought off.

    But at the end of the day, the only thing that you realize is, its your hands thats wiping out the tears underneath the pillow, its your voice that screams out louder, its your eyes that still search for things, its your mind that keeps on thinking, and its your heart that keeps on loving that person!

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    Love with Tears! ♥️

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