• rajvis 11w


    Some one asked me one day
    What a friend is
    To everyone's surprise
    Nothing was I able to say
    They must have thought
    I was lonely and friendless
    But things were not that way
    'Cause I was just wordless

    It's hard but I'll try
    Cause while trying I know
    that I am going to cry
    Should I say ,my friends are fabulous
    Or must I speak
    That our friendship is like a gem
    Shiny and lustrous?
    Or is it true
    That fear goes away when
    friends are around
    Or that fright turns its back
    when friends surround?

    With my friends,to the sky
    there's no stopping,I can fly
    I can be my freakin' self
    But they will never love me less
    Friendship being famous will end never
    Cause my friends are for always and forever