• stevenlee 6w


    It has been said, that every heart, has a haunted chamber, where the silent moonlight falls, as that is me, precisely, as darkness, has come and surrounded me, as I lay here, motionless, on the bed, while I fix my eyes, intently, on the bedside clock, awaiting, my witching hour, as my breathing slows and my piercing eyes, submits, to my eternal surroundings, making night, turn to light, in the pitch black, that show images, on the walls, as there is too, this deathly silence, throughout the house, hearing, every creak and moan, from inside and out, as well as, the whispers, in the breeze, making time freeze, as my subconscious mind, has now surrendered, taking in my secret desires and restful thoughts, beyond my worldy inhibitions, to a place, where I am free, to indulge, in our forbidden love.

    So now, as I get up, my desire continues, to radiate, from the deepest part, of my soul, my body, my mind, as I, come to grips, with such reckless passion, that I, can no longer masquerade, as my chambered heart, will races for the hunt, of your love, being that I, can still smell, the perfume, on your skin, giving me goosebumps, as now, from behind, through her bedroom window, in the center, of her bedroom, I take, a deep breath, being immersed, in the moment, as moonlight, becomes unveiled, seeing her slender silhouette, within, an unearthly silver sheen, being surreal, almost mythical, in telling her, I love you.