• nityabhatia 10w

    I Bleed Colour

    The beds and linens all pastel shades,
    Fear my arrival as I insouciantly laid,
    Tossing and turning unconsciously,
    A stain of freedom visits me, a shade of fiery red,
    I bleed colour and paint those sheets,
    My body a spark of the divinity, a universal stream flowing incessantly, the flower of womanhood blooms in my abdomen, shed the stigma, quit silencing her, her body is enraged with you labelling her "dirty"
    I celebrate her radiance for she is a lady,
    She birthed a girl shy and insecure of her cuts and marks,
    afraid of her stains and fat
    But now she bleeds the constellations for she is the eternal universe, enveloped with the warmth of the earth
    She marches with pride, her stains invincible,
    Nor white trousers or white sheets can torment her soul, she is the light that extinguished all darkness of prejudice,
    Follow her lead, dear woman this is a walk of liberation, leave a legacy with the streams of colour you bleed...