• chirasree11 24w

    I let go of all that does not serve me anymore, I also appreciate their existence and thank the supreme spirit for inviting them in my journey. I thank universe for all that is and invite a transformation back to a time frame frozen in warmth for decades. I reconnect to myself there, I let go of the idea that I need someone to be happy.I feel extensive joy to reconnect back to myself. While I heal some parts, release them and forgive myself in replenished tar of absurdity. I let go of everything that causes a tremor while they suddenly start to flash up one after the other, as I release them all, I breath the sweet fragrance of lessons and accelerate to the stage most wanted while I feel a grown attachment to my soul again. Thus I feel love again but I will only halt when I am sweeped off my feet in an awe and maybe some shock of mirth.Thus it shall be.Amen.