• emccu630 25w

    Melting Water

    The seas of old were full of life
    Nothing in them to cause us strife
    Or stress
    But none the less
    We see the sea melting away
    Under the harsh reality of humanity's rays
    And greed
    There is so much need for the
    Material things
    That only plug up the waters that are
    On fire
    Because of money and power
    To say
    Shorten your showers
    When we can never be clean
    And that's the thing
    To be United
    We must stand together
    Under any weather
    Must be met so that
    Our world is so much better
    For every living
    Needing creature
    That doesn't have a voice
    Or choice about what's happening to them
    So trust me
    When I say our seas are melting
    Because your eyes
    Are covered in oil
    Produced by the companies
    Who say we are spoiled
    But we know the truth
    And we opened our eyes
    Now we dont beleive
    All of your lies
    We will believe you will change your mind
    When money can't protect you
    From our sorrowful cries