• somu_sennakrishnan 5w

    How should I tell you that I love you ....
    Should I write a Letters,
    Or should I write a Sonnet,
    Well should I try a fancy proposal like that of in the movies,
    Let me take you to the woods
    and Show you the world of your love..
    I'll make you hear the ryhthms of rivers that resonates your heart....
    And I'll you make hear to the sweetest songs of the birds around....
    Oh my love
    You can play with dews ...
    And run with the deers ...
    You can hide with squirrels
    You can sing with the birds
    Dance with the peacocks
    And You can fall in love with yourself
    And in the end you can come back to me
    And I will be waiting with flowers to crown you into my life,
    Making your happiness as mine
    -somu sennakrishnan