• silentsmile 24w

    #yourebeautiful #suicide #dontletthelieshurt
    I was bullied at one point,put in coma trying to end it. Because I wasn't a size 0. I ended up trying to leave life because I was too pale, too big... Now I am happy I didn't leave.

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    I've spent countless hours in front of you.
    Begging to change my view.
    Infront of you stood a girl that you broke.
    Infront of you sat a 17 year old girl
    Begging, crying..screaming
    "mirror, mirror on the wall... Can't you see what you show me is hurting me?" ....she snaps. Snaps from the words you told her.. Snaps from the lies the girls an guys at school told her.
    Infront of you...the creator of these lies... A beautiful girl lies lifeless.. The scars on her legs, the scars on her mind... Are no visible. Lies are now visible. The mirror does not weap, but she did. A life, a beautiful soul.. Lost because she was filled with lies.