• san_draaa 6w


    A love again was not at all planned
    That too with him, I was like stunned;

    We were just friends in all these years
    Not knowing missing him now could soak me in tears;

    Each moment without him I feel lonely
    But trust me ,he was my one and only;

    Never knew I could be this lost
    But he was the one whom I needed the most;

    The one who could change my mood all at once
    and all I wanted to give him was love in tons;

    He made me feel like I'm on top of the world
    his worth in my life was not less than gold;

    He seemed terrible at times thou
    Still he was the one I couldn't let go;

    And Alas.!! He just left me ,like I was never a reason to stay
    Maybe that was just his way......