• tune_de 20w

    The chapter

    A gentle touch
    Was what i felt when i met you
    A gentle sound
    Was what i heard when i met you
    In the mist of the confused millions
    I understood just you

    A gentle tear
    Was what i saw when i hurt you
    A gentle step
    One you took gradually away from me
    Were you the best thing that ever happened in my world?
    Questions i asked my inner being
    Answers couldn't be gotten
    That was because you're not the best thing that happened but the best thing that'll keep happening

    A gentle smile
    Was all you gave when i cracked jokes
    A gentle stare
    Was all you laid on me when i looked at you

    You're an important chapter in my book
    That's why i would forever be incomplete without you
    Our thin line now lies on a hook
    And all the strings pulled still gives a melodious song to you

    Happy birthday fiyinfoluwa