• _the_mourning_sage_ 5w

    Boarded Up

    The feelings were stifled by being locked up
    In a manor empty, they were boarded up
    Smouldering like the undying embers
    That from passing fires, quietly simber.

    Venting around the manor they go
    At times passing fast, at times agonisingly slow
    Throwing all their might to make the manor bow
    Like a headwind would, a ship's prow.

    But what these embers didn't quite get
    Is their fate, in stone which was set
    Unrequited as they were, they had to go
    Pass they must, for a no is no.

    The residents of this manor dark
    While excited to, on a new journey embark
    Were reluctant to, fully forget
    The goals they tried for, but failed to get.

    So as the manor, today stood still
    Letting potential tenants have their fill
    Faint whispers haunted it's halls still
    As if someone bled , from a deliberate quill.