• kim_yana 22w

    Saranghaeyo means I love you

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    I was sitting beside him in the class,
    I was just looking at his perfection,
    How can you be so perfect,
    Than you came and kneeled in front of me,
    And said,"saranghaeyo,will you be my girlfriend "
    I thought it was just a l so I denied and started walking
    He ran behind me and grabbed my hand
    His warm hands on mine felt like it's definitely not a dream,
    So turned to see his beautiful face
    He said,"hey accept my proposal please don't deny it I want to give you all the happiness that's existing in the world so please be mine"
    Tears came out of my eyes by hearing what he just said,
    So I just simply nodded in happiness and hugged him and kissed him like there's no tomorrow.