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    I divided this tale into two separate posts because yeah.

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    Aman and Lan
    (2nd half)

    And Aman had come to her house, he stood in front of her door
    She sneered and hissed as she always had, she knew the man from before
    She gestured him leave until he said, with a grin wide on his face,
    "Lan, my sweet, Lan my love, this woman who moves with grace,
    let me a man named Aman make fair Lan as my wife
    For the poison and sharpness, though hurtful they are, I'd gladly offer my life
    if only kind Lan knew how much I loved and treasured her company.
    But if you hate me and wish me gone, then I will go away,
    just know that I'll give all I have just for your smile to stay."
    And this woman named Lan, she shut the door and wept,
    but she came again and told this man all that she wished to say,
    "Aman, my man, please do not go for I too love you so,
    I'm sorry for all that I've done, for you don't deserve,
    no, I don't deserve, a lover as faithful as you.
    But if all you've said is as true as the truth and meant from heart,
    then I shall do the same and follow on you, my man.
    Oh Aman, I loved you for so very long, it pains me to turn you away.
    So let me right all that I've wronged, I'll stand at your side as wife."
    And so this man whose name is Aman
    wedded this woman whose name is Lan
    and though they bicker like husband and wife,
    they've never shared a happier life.