• rohansamantaroy 31w

    MY MAA

    She laughs when I'm about to laugh
    She cries when I'm about to cry
    Anything you can ask from her
    She is the one who will never deny

    May be she is bearing innumerable pains
    But for me she can can hide all of them
    I think none other than a form of almighty, she is
    This world has termed mother, as her name

    Out of all my struggles and sorrows
    Out of all my agonies and pain
    I have been able to get up and perform
    With her assurance I have got so many things to gain

    Expressing her value with some words
    Is at present what I can do the best
    Her assurance and belief one me
    Is the best weapon to get through any acid test

    Rohan Samanta Roy