• rabbi06 5w

    Love me! Not?

    Steal my only grace,
    free rent in my sacred place
    in my life. my heart you have thy space
    oh dear, let me feel thine warm embrace.
    When cold breeze starts to come,
    I'm waiting for thy arm,
    no one can make me calm,
    but thy voice that sounds like a psalm.
    My oasis in desert that dried,
    with thy love my hands were tied.
    To the highness and deities I have lied,
    for you to take my soul where you can bide.
    Hold my hand and lead my life,
    filled the way with thy sweet lie,
    at night I will sing my pleasing cry.
    Dont let me hear the steps of goodbye.
    At your coldest night call my name,
    I will give you my sultry flame
    and the love difficult to tame.
    Darling just do what you aim.
    Our initials tattooed on my skin
    with the dripping ink of our every sin.
    To the hell dear you can take me in,
    while I play our hymn with my violin.
    My flesh and soul is for you to take,
    just plea not to leave me nor forsake,
    I will swallow every oath of mistake
    and play the fool for thine sake.
    Desperate is what it may seem,
    but with you I had a team,
    you helped me build my dream,
    for you I will play do-or-die scheme.
    Love me! every night and day,
    try not to listen to what they say.
    You and I will always stay,
    and our love will find its way.